Personal Space (a short dance film)

a short dance film produced by NTR (Dutch Public Broadcast Service) and Dutch National Ballet. There is no dialog in this short film. It's a visual short story of a woman's state of mind.
Be warned: this short film has nude images

Director & editor: Altin Kaftira
Choreographer: Peter Leung
Dancer: Sieon K
Actors: Laila Buskopp & Francis Sinceretti
Composer and piano player: Jean Didion
Director of Photography: Daniel Gallenkamp N.S.C
Lighting: Eugene Sprik

selected for MovingWalls Festival in Italy, September 2013
selected for screening at San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2012, USA
3rd prize winner at Choreographic Captures 2011 Munich, Germany
an official selection for East End Film Festival 2011 in London, UK
an official selection for Dança em Foco - international festival of film & dance in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
an official selecion for Dance:Film Festival in Scotland
the film was screnned in Cinedans Netherlands